Book Review: First Date by Krista McGee


First Date by Krista McGeeI was busy these past few days that I haven’t gotten the chance to even glance at this book. Good thing my holiday vacation came and because of that I got the time to finally open and read it. It was such a quick and fun read. I finished it in a day! The story is light and it made me reminisce my teen life. It reminded me how it feels to shudder in delight whenever I see my crush.

The story is about a girl named Addy Davidson, the last girl who wants to be on a reality TV show called The Book of Love. Even though she is not interested, she was sent there anyway. The winner will go to prom with the president’s son, Jonathon Jackson. He is a very handsome guy and all the 99 girls are throwing themselves at him. The story shows how God can transform your life and show you who you are meant to be.

Addy somewhat reminds me of my sister. Addy was a really nice girl and despite all the challenges that she faced, she remained composed and didn’t lose herself.  I definitely recommend this book specially those who are teenagers but adults could also relate to this book.