Product Review: The Body Shop, Satsuma Body Butter


the body shop satsuma body butterAs a mom of two cute little boys,my daily life was so stressful because aside from doing the mommy duties,i was the one who’s also assigned to do the household chores because i do not have somebody who will accompany me inside our house, it’s like you’re battling everyday with a bunch of something that can make you really look old and ugly (Lol). We all know that stress is one of the greatest factor for making us not to look good,it can affect most of our system,and one of them is our skin,we can see aging through our skin.

I’m a very “kikay” person, I love using varieties of cosmetics from head to toe. I love them because they really make me look and feel good,they are already part of my daily routines. One of my favorite in my collections is the Satsuma Body Butter,a product of The Body Shop. It is a body lotion/moisturizer. I’ve been used a lot of lotions of different brands,but based on my personal experiences,only one brand really gave me the moisture and hydration that i need and it really suits my skin,it continously making me look good and stay young.

I found my so-called “partner” when my mother-in-law introduced it to me. She was the original fan of the body butters of the body shop. She has been using it for so many years now, and as a result,you can really see the gorgeous effect of the product on her skin. When you see her, you can’t actually control yourself in asking her about her age (but that’s a secret! haha!) When we are together,you cannot think that she was my mother-in-law and she has already a mother of three adult boys. She really looks young!
During my first try of using the satsuma body butter, when i opened it, i was already hooked with the scent…although,i was kinda hesitant to use it again or to use it everyday because i felt a little bit uncomfortable because of the sticky feeling that was kinda irritating to me. It is because my application on my skin was not right, i put a lot of it that is why i felt very sticky. The right way of using it is just like putting or spreading an enough amount of butter on your bread,very light and gentle,as easy as that.

You can really feel the moisture on your skin all throughout the day and even on the next day. The skin was so soft and smooth, as I always say “balat mayaman” hahaha! Lastly, it is very aromatic for me, the scent was really good and it relaxes me so much. I really love the Satsuma scent! It smells like fresh orange that captivates my choosy nose (Lol). I was so hooked with its citrus smell, and it has a strong staying power.

There are varieties of body butter available at all The Body Shop stores, you can choose which one that suits you. Some of them are Mango,Strawberry,Olive,Green tea,etc.
The product was really soooooo good,you should try it for yourself and see the result! For me,it was highly recommended! Two thumbs up for this product!

The Body Shop Body Butter price: 695pesos in 200ml
Also available in 400ml